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The story

The first thing I noticed when I arrived was the beauty of the landscape. I inhaled the fresh spring air as I admired the stunning peaks of Monte Gonare. It was love at first sight. I immediately felt a connection between myself and the land. “The wine here will surely be good”, I said to myself.






Mamoiada is a small village, situated in Barbagia, a region in central Sardinia. The territory is well suited for viticulture, and boasts a long tradition of the practice, with some vineyards having been in continuous use for over a century.





The vineyard

In the past, it was custom when testing a wine to ask first what was the production area and what vineyard was the wine produced from, and only afterwards to inquire into the winemaker. What this shows is the deep connection between wine and place in Mamoiada. This tradition has been preserved through the generations, and is still alive today.





The ghirada

Ghirada in Sardinian dialect indicates a portion of vineyard bordered by walls or headlands, called in French a Cru.





The wines

We have always been living in this territory, a terroir suited for viticulture, and we love its wine, wine made with spontaneous fermentation. Here in Mamoiada, the community of winemakers preserves these traditions and together they drink, taste, and enjoy the beauty of this land.

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