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Mamoiada is a small village, situated in Barbagia, a region in central Sardinia. The territory is well suited for viticulture, and boasts a long tradition of the practice, with some vineyards having been in continuous use for over a century. The vineyards of Mamoiada occupy about 350 hectares, with an average altitude of 736 metres above sea level, and strong temperature variations between day and night. 

The soil is composed of decomposed granite, and is slightly acidic. 95% of wines produced in the region are Cannonau, a variety of red wine grape. For white wine, the region offers an indigenous grape known as Granatza. 

Mamoiada is unique in the market of Sardinian wines. Although the village contains over 200 family wineries, 30 families have been selling their wine since the year 2000, producing 400,000 bottles for sale on the international stage, making this territory’s wine an exclusive delight indeed. 



Teularju is a member of Mamojá, an association founded in 2015 by the winemakers of Mamoiada with the aim of enhancing, promoting and preserving the unique qualities of the territory’s native wines and practices. 

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