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The wines

Wine production is a tradition in Mamoiada, with each family making wine from their own vineyard. It is a custom among the older generation in the village, when first tasting a wine, to always ask first in what vineyard the wine was produced, and only after to ask who was the producer. In this way, wines of high quality are identified by their place of origin. 

The notion of Ghiradas is at the heart of the family’s winemaking philosophy. The wines take their names from which of the Ghiradas It was produced from: Ocruarana, Cara'Gonare, Erula and Rizza. The harvest grapes is from mid-September to the first week of October. In 2019, It was produced Ocruarana and Cara’Gonare, and tested a sparkling Rosè from Rizza; in 2020, It was vinified the other two Ghiradas Erula and Rizza

Vinification: in this process, one portion of the harvested grapes are crushed, and another is left whole. Spontaneous fermentation is allowed to take place in small vats, with maceration lasting twelve days. Then comes the soft pressing and, after one day, the racking into oak barrels of 50 and 20 hl. When the malolactic fermentation is over, there is another racking and bottling with the low use of sulphites. After twelve months spent in oaks, the wine is then bottled. 

The bottle

The choice of bottle was the outcome of long reflection on the part of the family. The final choice of Burgundy bottles was made to acknowledge that those wines are defined by the land of origin, in the style of Burgundy wines. The choice of a lighter type of bottle was also motivated on ecological grounds, in regards to a reduction in energy costs during the transport of the wines. 


The bottles are corked with high quality, single-piece corks of Sardinian. The corks are examined carefully to ensure prevention of TCA, and are produced by the Moro family in the Nuoro province of Sardinia. 

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