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Planimentria Vigneto

The Ghirada

Ghirada in Sardinian dialect indicates a portion of vineyard bordered by walls or headlands, called in French a Cru

Often, the name of a Ghirada indicates a toponym, but there are times when they refer to the name of the original owner of the land, or to geological features of the land. Many of these names have been transmitted orally for generations. In Teularju there are four Ghiradas with different soils, exposure, altitude, etc. 



Ocruarana, is 2 hectares in size. Exposed to the north-west, it lies with a gradient of about 20%. The soil is sandy and granitic, with infiltrations of a green metamorphic stone called Ocruarana, from which it derives its name.



The family’s largest Ghirada, Erula extends to about 2.7 hectares. With a north-westerly orientation, it is exposed to the sun throughout the day. The soil is sandy and deep, with organic substance in its flat sections, and becoming rich in skeleton in its lower part. This particular Ghirada is characterized by the growth of a particular plant calle Ferula in Italian, and Erula in the local dialect.



Rizza, with a size of 2.3 hectares and an inclination 40% in some section, takes its name from its steepness. Exposed to the west, the soil is sandy with clay and rich in skeleton.



Cara’Gonare is a 1 hectare plot, orientated towards Mountain Gonare, with a south west exposure. Its soil is sandy, with organic substance, clay and an abundant skeleton in its steepest parts.

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