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The story

Teularju is a family winery run by Franceso and Rosa, together with their children Giovanni and his wife Elisabetta, Giuseppe and Vincenza. The family have been happily making wine together for over twenty years, carrying along the family tradition. 

The company was established in 2017 when a new vineyard was planted in Teularju entirely with the Sardinian grape variety ‘Cannonau’ (In France, it is known as ‘Grenache’ and in Spain as ‘Grenacha’). In 2019, the first two Ghiradas (a Sardinian term identifying a Cru) were harvested: Ocruarana and Cara’Gonare. In 2020, the second harvest was performed on the Ghiradas of Erula and Rizza. In 2021, the company expanded its production through the addition of a new vineyard located in S’Anestasia, which was planted with Granatza, a variety of white grape native to Sardinia. 

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  Via Enrico Berlinguer, MamoiadaItalia • Nuoro • Sardegna • 08024 Italia


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