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Teularju is a vineyard of eight hectares, concentrated in a single plot of land in Mamoiada in the rural heart of Sardinia. The vineyard is planted exclusively with the indigenous variety Cannonau, and are divided into four Ghiradas (known in French as Crus). Each Ghirada offers unique qualities, imparting variations into the wine through differences in exposure, drainage and soil characteristics. 

In 2021, the family planted a new vineyard with Granatza, a white wine grape variety, in the locality called S’Anestasia. This vineyard, attractive for its panoramic view of Mamoiada, is situated at an altitude of 750 meters above sea level, on an incline of 45%. 

The family’s philosophy aims at producing a distinct wines from each Ghiarada. Each plot is therefore individually vinified, and the wines of each Ghirada; Ocruarana, Caragonare, Erula and Rizza, display the finest shades of nuance. 

The nuance in these Ghiradas comes not from human intervention, but from the land itself. Indeed, each vineyard is planted in the same manner. From all vineyards there is a mass selection, it is used an organic method and the cultivation vine system is the high sapling palified. In the middle of the vineyard there is the same turf that grows in the surrounding forest, and that is how the natural existing balance between flora, fauna and all microorganisms is preserved.

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